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SEA - GF Smith Digital

GFSmith/Digital Paper Promotion by SEA Design

Generative Art. Art direction, design and generative coding by SEA Design for GFSmith/Digital paper promotion. "Generative processes combined code with pre-determined colour palettes to create a...

Coffee Contraptions Poster Series by Jason Permenter

Coffee Contraptions. A stunning illustrated poster series by Jason Permenter, a creative graphic designer from San Francisco, California.

Illustrations by Silence TV

Inspiring Illustrations. Awesome prints for sale by Silence TV.

Posters by Error! Design

Poster Design Inspiration. Selected graphics by Error! Design from Badalona, Spain.
Creative Truths by Pixelutely

Creative Truths – Poster Design by Pixelutely

Creative Truths. A series of posters by Pixelutely with quotes from famous artists, poets and scientists about creativity and art.
Form minus Function

Form minus Function by Paul Hollingworth

Experimental Photomanipulations An experinental project by Paul Hollingworth. "A series of self-initiated images titled 'Form minus Function'. It's fair to say that type and ink only ever...
Fishermans Wife - Art by Sam Weber

The Visual Art of Sam Weber

Art Inspiration. Fantastic paintings and illustrations by Sam Weber, an artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Poster Design by Nathan Shinkle

Retro Poster Inspiration Fantastic 60s/70s inspired posters and graphic design by Nathan Shinkle. I love the clean shapes and the use of colors. Every single print...

Movie Poster Illustrations by Rocco Malatesta

Movie Poster Inspiration. Amazing self-initiated movie poster illustrations by Rocco Malatesta of famous cult movies like: Big Lebowski, A Bronx Tale, Kill Bill, and Raging Bull....
Mysterious Art by Sam Chirnside

Artworks by Sam Chirnside

Mysterious Art and Design Ancient civilizations inspired graphic artworks by Sam Chirnside. "Sam Chirnside is a designer based In Melbourne, Australia. His creative area of Interest...

Illustrations by Loulou and Tummie

Inspiring Illustrations. Artworks for magazine covers, editorial illustrations and screen prints by Loulou and Tummie, two illustrators from Tilburg, Netherlands.

World Barista Championchip – Brand Design by Theresa Decker

World Barista Championchip Graphic design by Theresa Decker. "Branding and promotional campaign for the 2012 World Barista Championships taking place in San Francisco California. Includes logo...