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Underwater Portraits by Hana Al-Sayed

Underwater Photography Gorgeous underwater portraits by Hana Al-Sayed. via thisiscolossal
Wire Mesh Sculptor by Seung Mo Park

Wire Mesh Portraits by Seung Mo Park

Fascinating Wire Mesh Portraits Amazing ephemeral portraits by Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park. Every portrait is created by cutting layer after layer of wire mesh. more...
Illustration by Thiago Souto

Illustration by Thiago Souto

Broken - Light. Amazing illustration by Thiago Souto, a designer and illustrator from São Paulo, Brasil.

David Lynch Illustration by Stanley Chow

David Lynch Digital illustrated by Stanley Chow.
self portrait by sam spratt

Self Portrait by Illustrator Sam Spratt

Self Portrait. Amazing Illustration by Sam Spratt. source: fromupnorth.com

Selected Works by Photographer Jonathan Waiter

Beautiful Black and White Photography. Selected works of beauty, portrait, and fashion photography by photographer Jonathan Waiter.
i don't exist - digital painting

Digital Painting by Sue Marino

Digital Art - I Don't Exist. A digital artwork by Sue Marino from Arundel, United Kingdom. source: evniki.cgsociety.org
Contessa with Squid - Painting with oil on panel by Omar Rayyan

Painting: Contessa with Squid by Omar Rayyan

Painting with oil on panel Artwork by Omar Rayyan.
Acrylic Painting by Riccardo Guasco

Acrylic Painting by Riccardo Guasco

Acrylic on canvas From the series "106 | Barrì Gotic" People in Tapas Bar. Artwork by Riccardo Guasco.

Digital Art – D.O.T. by drfranken

Digital Art - D.O.T. Abstract digital artwork designed by drfranken.