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Painting by Melinda Maytas

Paintings by Melinda Maytas

Art Inspiration. Paintings by Melinda Maytas, a Hungarian artist, based in Romania.
Michael Peck - Liberty and Constraint

Fascinating Paintings by Michael Peck

Standout Inspiring Art. Paintings by artist Michael Peck. "Michael Peck’s artistic practice is concerned with the sensation of disorientation and dislocation that is often felt within...
Painting by Phil Ashcroft

Paintings by Phil Ashcroft

Art Inspiration. Abstract painting by Phil Ashcroft. "Phil Ashcroft's practice explores ideas of narrative and the spectacle within landscape. Referencing the site-specific, his work considers our...
Graphic Art by Brent Schoepf

Graphic Art and Illustrations by Brent Schoepf

Graphic Art Inspiration. Inspiring graphics, illustrations and paintings by Brent Schoepf.
Fishermans Wife - Art by Sam Weber

The Visual Art of Sam Weber

Art Inspiration. Fantastic paintings and illustrations by Sam Weber, an artist based in Brooklyn, New York.
Painting by Simon Birch

Paintings by Simon Birch

Inspiring Oil Paintings. Selected paintings by artist Simon Birch, a UK-born artist, of Armenian descent, who is based in Hong Kong, China.
Painting by Jeremy Geddes

Strange but Super Realistic Paintings by Jeremy Geddes

Awesome Oil Paintings The oil paintings by Australian artist Jeremy Geddes often show floating or colliding people in empty landscapes, rooms or urban sceneries.
Spunky Zoe Art

Spunky Zoe Paintings

The Creepy, Freaky Art of Spunky Zoe. South Korean artist Spunky Zoe creates creepy surreal portrais by using pens and acrylic on paper.
Painting by Rory Kurtz

Paintings by Rory Kurtz

Art Inspiration Creative paintings and illustrations by Rory Kurtz. Discover more of his stunning artworks here.
Environmental Awareness Art

Environmental Awareness Artworks by Boris Pelcer

Environmental Awareness Artworks by Boris Pelcer. "We live in profit-driven economies that often fail to create the most effective method of efficiently utilizing natural resources to...
Painting by Eric White

Paintings by Eric White

Art Inspiration Paintings by Eric White, an artist based in Brooklyn, New York.
Acrylic on Canvas Painting by sit

Series ‘9’ Paintings by sit

Inspiring Paintings Series '9' - Acrylic on canvas paintings by sit. "In the eastern parts of the world 9 is a lucky number. To SIT it...