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Kulms Chair 02-1 CUT – Furniture Design by Lerival

Furniture Design Inspiration The Kulms Chair 02-1 CUT designed by New York-based Lerival, a design house specialized in contemporary furniture and architecture.

Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio

Stunning Product Design. The Modern Record Console of the Symbol Audio line (designed by Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond) is a homage to the 50s...

Outstanding Furniture Design by BELLBOY

Water Tower Chair. A wooden lounge chair, designed by BELLBOY, a collaborative wood shop based in Brooklyn. source: contemporist.com

Furniture Design by Inoda+Sveje

DC09 - Dining Chair. Stunning furniture design by Inoda+Sveje, a design studio founded in Copenhagen in 2000, since 2003 based on Milan. "DC09 dining chair in collaboration...

Lamps by Light Design Studio Ilide

Light Design. Modern lamps by Ilide, an Italian light design studio. More here.

KERAMOS Cabinets by Coprodotto

Lovely Furniture Design The KERAMOS cabinets by Coprodotto (Adriano Design and La Castellamonte) are made from glazed ceramic and wood. "Keramos is the first Coprodotto born...

Calma Seat by Kairos y Cronos

Calma Chair Furniture design by Kairos y Cronos, a graphic design and product design studio from Montevideo, Uruguay. "Calma is a piece of furniture inspired in traditions that...

Savannah Rocker Chair III by Jolyon Yates

Beautiful Furniture. The wooden Savannah Rocker Chair, designed in organic shapes by Jolyon Yates for ODEChair. The design of the organic, flowing shapes gives this chair...

Designer Lounge Chair by Michal Bonikowski

Appealing Interior Design Visual identification and conceptual modelling of the Lounge Chair No.1 by Michal Bonikowski. "Float away on a sea of tranquillity in this stylish...

Furniture Designs by Jory Brigham

Modern Furniture Design Beautiful and modern sideboards by Jory Brigham, an American furniture designer. via contemporist.com

Wooden Espresso Machine from Norway

Wooden Espresso Machine. Norwegians love wood not only for their houses or furniture. This espresso machine, created by the industrial designers Øystein Helle Husby, Audun...

Stunning Furniture Design by Edward Johnson

The Volumptuous Sideboard The British designer and woodworker Edward Johnson has created the beautiful Volumptuous sideboard.