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Meißner Raeder – Brand Identity by ATMO Design Studio

Bike Store Branding. Dresden, Germany based design studio ATMO was commissioned to create the brand identity for Meißner Raeder, a bicycle store that offers customized...

The Revenge of the Beasts – Short Skateboard Film by Sebastian...

The Revenge of the Beasts. Wow, this short film about a Skateboarder's dream  is so aesthetically done! The film by Sebastian Linda shows beautiful skateboard action...

Monocle Magazine – Map and Icons of Germany by Studio Hey

Editorial Illustration. The well known Barcelona-based design studio Hey created an illustrated map and icons of Germany for the article "Boring is banished" in Monocle...

Beautiful Photography by Daniel Řeřicha

Breathtaking Impressions. Selected outstanding photographs of stunning cities and landscapes by Daniel Řeřicha, a Czech photographer who likes to travel and visiting beautiful places.

Urban Geometric Architecture Photography by Nick Frank

Straigt Architecture Photography in Munich, Germany. Some very interesting shots by German photographer Nick Frank of repetitive geometric shapes and colorful patterns in urban architecture.

Old East Berlin Architecture Photography by Matthias Heiderich

Ost. Selected images of old East Berlin architecture, places, and obejcts from the second part of the series "West/Ost" by photographer Matthias Heiderich.

Volkswagen Screensaver and iPhone App by Gobasil

Tick. Tack. App. Screensaver and iPhone App for Volkswagen Bank. Concept and design by Agency Gobasil. A well animated clock and weather report. Every minute...

Handmade Fabric Lighting Design by Suzusan Luminaires

Suzusan Luminaires Japanese handmade fabric lighting design by Suzusan, a label from Düsseldorf, Germany. "SHIBORI is a Japanese textile finishing technique which, even though it can...
Interview with painter Andrey Klassen

Artist Interview with painter Andrey Klassen

Paintings and Drawings by artist Andrey Klassen. Today we are proud to have a special interview with Andrey Klassen, a painter from Irkutsk, Russia. Since...

Pigmentpol Identity

Fresh, Modern, Colorful Identity Design. A new identity design for the German digital printing company Pigmentpol, designed by the Dresden-based ATMO design studio and the...

Amazing Landscape Photography by Carsten Witte

Sylt - Landscape Photography. Stunning landscape photography of the German island Sylt by Carsten Witte. More here.

MIKI 1 House – Modern Architecture by Alexander Brenner Architects

The MIKI 1 House Alexander Brenner Architects designed this beautiful modern house in Stuttgart, Germany. source: contemporist.com