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Herbie – Display Font by Infamous Foundry

Outstanding Font Design. A beautiful looking typeface, designed by the Infamous Foundry. "Herbie is a uppercase display font with alternates on every character (lowercase), based only...

Celestial Night – Danielle Aldrich

Celestial Night. Modern typeface design by Danielle Aldrich, a graphic designer from Lawrence, USA.

Type Design by Pedro Leal

User, User Stencil and User Upright - Type Family. A monospaced type family with 30 styles by Pedro Leal. "User is a monospaced type family with...

Nougatine – A Free Font by Fabien Laborie

Nougatine Font A font designed by graphic designer Fabien Laborie. "Nougatine is a titling font inspired by the smell of freshly baked cookies. Delivered with 380...

Zimmer typeface by Julian Hansen

Typeface Recommendation The 'Zimmer' typeface is a legible, simple sans serif font Julian Hansen. "It is in the mould of classical neo-grotesque typefaces but relatively narrow...

The Regan Slab – Typeface

Regan Slab A typeface, designed by Jonathan Hill. "A precision cut slab serif typeface. Simple curves are combined with sharp angles to provide a readable font...

Experimental Font Design by Si Liu

ACCENT Experimental font design by Si Liu, a designer based in Paris, France.

Metropolis – A Free Font by Josip Kelava

Metropolis -Free Font A font designed by Josip Kelava from Melbourne, Australia. You can download this font on: http://fontfabric.com/metropolis-free-font/