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Wind – Fashion Photography Series by Katya Latanskaya

The Wind Series. The Ukrainian fine arts and fashion photographer Katya Latanskaya made this shooting in the summer of 2013. The day of the shooting...

Tree Landscape Photography by Pierre Pellegrini

Tree Landscapes - Long Exposure Photography. The foggy atmosphere of the black and white tree photographs by Swiss photographer Pierre Pellegrini convey a feeling of...

Falsum – Photography by Jürgen Heckel

Falsum - Photographic Impressions. Some photographs of a series called 'Falsum' by Munich, Germany-based photographer Jürgen Heckel. The images convey a mood of cold but soothing...

Winter Landscape Photography by Anatoly Sokolov

Freezing Cold Landscape Photography. Selected photographs of stunning winter landscapes of snow and ice by Anatoly Sokolov, a photographer from Russia.

Black and White Iceland Photography by Peter Zeglis

Breathtaking Beautiful Landscape Photography Black and white photography by Peter Zeglis of Iceland's rough but beautiful nature.

Photography by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

Creative Photography Selected photographic works by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, a photographer, artist and creator of knitwear from Iceland. Rebekka is well-known for her self-portraits, conceptual photography...