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Art Sculpture by Gregor Gaida

Freaky Art Sculptures by Gregor Gaida

Sculptural Art. Outstanding figurative sculptures by Bremen Germany-based artist Gregor Gaida. His sculptures often depict strange compositions of animals or interactions between people.

Award-Winning Campaign – 5 To 12 for B.U.N.D. eV

5 To 12 Campaign. An award-winning campaign for B.U.N.D. eV, Germany’s biggest environmental organisation. Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin in cooperation with CGI production company...
Oscar Sanmartin Illustration

Creepy Illustrations by Artist Oscar Sanmartin

Standout Illustrations. Fantastic surreal and creepy old style illustrations by Oscar Sanmartin. Viewing the drawings let you travel to a bygone time or an unexplored world.

3D Paper Sculptures by Jeremy Kool

3D Sculptures from The Paper Fox Project. Some 3D paper sculptures, created by Jeremy Kool, a 3D artist and graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. Check out...

Lenor Fabric Softener – Publicity Campaign by Grey Group Peru

Creative Advertising. A campaign by Grey Group Peru for Lenor fabric softener. If the wild animals come in touch with the softener, they become soft...