Discover the colorful world of art director Yuni Yoshida.

Yuni Yoshida is a Japanese graphic designer and art director who’s best known for a colorful range of surreal imagery. After graduating from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Yuni has worked for several advertising agencies. In 2007, she decided to work as a freelance graphic designer and art director. She quickly gained much attention by art directing numerous campaigns for brands such as La Foret Harajuku and Parco. Her vivid range of work is mostly characterized by the presence of female models in surreal settings. A small selection of images can be found below. For further information, please visit Yuni Yoshida’s website or follow this creative mind on Instagram to stay up to date with her latest work.

Work by Yuni Yoshida with NAOMI WATANABE and ALISSA YAGI.
Pixelated food made by Yuni Yoshida.
Pixelated food.
A colorful work by Yuni Yoshida for GINZA magazine 7.
A colorful work for GINZA magazine 7.
The visual work of Yuni Yoshida.
The visual work of Yuni Yoshida.
Creative art direction by Yuni Yoshida.
Creative art direction.
PLAY A SENSATION - art direction by Yuni Yoshida.
Play a sensation.
Little dumplings created by Yuni Yoshida.
Little dumplings.

All images © by Yuni Yoshida.


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