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Stone on Boundary: Yasuaki Onishi Explores Absence and Presence

Stone on Boundary installation by Yasuaki Onishi

December 16, 2023 – May 19, 2024

The Pola Museum of Art‘s Atrium Gallery presents “Stone on Boundary,” the 15th exhibition in the HIRAKU Project series, showcasing the captivating works of Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi. Onishi, known for his large-scale installations, takes a unique sculptural approach to space, delving into themes of margins, voids, and boundaries.

Stone on Boundary installation by Yasuaki Onishi
Stone on Boundary installation by Yasuaki Onishi

From Stone to Copper: Unveiling the Unseen

Onishi’s artistic journey began with studying sculpture and the intricate connections between positive forms and negative space. This fascination with the “in-between” translates into his current works, where he utilizes copper foil, a ubiquitous yet unseen element in countless electronic devices. By removing copper foil from its utilitarian context, Onishi transforms it into captivating sculptures through a process of hammering and assembling.

A Dialogue Between Absence and Presence

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a captivating interplay between the copper sculptures and river stones. The stones, weathered and worn by time, bear the weight of history and embody the collective memory of the planet. Onishi’s copper works, meticulously crafted from molds of these stones, reveal the hidden depths and complexities that lie beneath the surface. This interplay between absence and presence challenges viewers to engage their imaginations and acknowledge the limitations of complete understanding.

A Window into the Unseen World

By focusing on the unseen and the invisible, Onishi encourages us to approach the world with a more open and flexible perspective. His works serve as a bridge, prompting us to delve deeper, to acknowledge the hidden narratives and complexities that lie beneath the surface, and to appreciate the beauty in the unseen.

About the Artist

Born in Osaka in 1979, Yasuaki Onishi is a recipient of the Pola Art Foundation Grant for Emerging Artists. He holds a B.A. in Sculpture and an M.A. from prestigious Japanese universities. Onishi’s works have been exhibited extensively, both in Japan and internationally, including solo shows in the US and group exhibitions in Taiwan, Switzerland, and his home country.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the captivating world of Yasuaki Onishi at the Pola Museum of Art’s “Stone on Boundary” exhibition.

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