Silence, an underwater photography series of sensual portraits captured by Marta Bevacqua.

The name Marta Bevacqua is not unknown to most of our daily readers. Some time ago we have featured a selection of Marta’s images to introduce you to her photographic work. 2017 seems to be a busy year for the Paris based photographer. In recent months, she has published many portraits from a variety of shootings. The images below are part of an underwater photography series, which is simply called “Silence”. The mood somehow reminds me of the old music video from the 1990s for Nick Cave’s and Kylie Minogue’s dark ballad “Where The Wild Roses Grow”. Well there is no murdering here but in my opinion the images masterfully combine these aspects of death and pure, innocent beauty with this unique elegance. Taken completely underwater, the photo series truly conveys senses of silence and finality. Just check out the small selection below. For more, please visit Marta Bevacqua’s website or follow her on Instagram.

Kissing the jellyfish.
Coming close to the jellyfish.
The last view.
The last view.
Peaceful silence.
Rest in peaceful silence without a breath.
The beauty of dead silence.
The beauty of dead silence.
A final kiss.
One final kiss.
Drifting down.
Drifting down to the ground.

All images © by Marta Bevacqua. Do not hesitate to find more photographers in our popular Photography section.


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