Małgorzata Sajur’s photographic exploration of shame.

Małgorzata Sajur is an Oława, Poland based photographer who mainly specializes in emotional black and white photography. Her conceptual and experimental work is an exploration of different emotions such as fear, nostalgia, loneliness, etc. The selected images below are part of a photo series called “shame”. This particular state of mind has been visualized through an ever-hidden face. Furthermore, the photographs are characterized by minimalist compositions and this haunting interaction of light and shadow. Enjoy the following images. For those of you who want to see more of Małgorzata Sajur’s photographic work, please visit her portfolio on Behance and Tumblr.

Upside down.
Upside down.
Photographic exploration of bashfulness.
A photographic exploration of bashfulness.
Light and shadow
Light and shadow.
Hidden face.
The hidden face.
Melancholic black and white photography by Małgorzata Sajur.
Melancholic black and white photography by Małgorzata Sajur.
Hiding behind the wall.
Hiding behind the wall.
It seems to be more an attempt to hide oneself instead of getting undressed.
Clear lines and a strong contrast.
Clear lines paired with a strong contrast.

All images © by Małgorzata Sajur. Are you looking for more inspiring images? Do not hesitate to explore outstanding pictures on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Photography section includes a wide range of work captured by some of the world’s most talented photographers. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!


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