The Sea, a photo series by Elizaveta Porodina that conveys some nostalgic views of past summer days.

It’s the time of the year in the northern hemisphere when the days are getting shorter and the summer is slowly coming to an end. It’s also the time people tend to get into this kind of nostalgic mood. They may think of days at the beach, all the excitement, relaxation or mild summer nights. Captured already in 2014, ‘The Sea’ is photo series by Elizaveta Porodina that were realized as a personal project. All of the images have been shot only in black and white which gives the series an even more nostalgic touch. Just have a look at the images below. For more of Elizaveta Porodina’s photographic work, please visit her website.

Elizaveta Porodina, the pose in the water
The pose in the water.
Elizaveta Porodina, struggling with some waves
Struggling with some waves.
Elizaveta Porodina, sunbathing
Sunbathing on the pier.
Elizaveta Porodina, portrait in the water
A close portrait in the water.
Elizaveta Porodina, freezing the fraction of a moment
Freezing the fraction of a moment.
Elizaveta Porodina, weightless floating
Weightless floating like a bird.
Elizaveta Porodina, dreaming of the sea
Dreaming of the sea.

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