Sanja Marušić Photography

Eyes on Dutch photographer Sanja Marušić and her colorful work.

Born in Amsterdam in 1991, Sanja Marušić is a young photographer who loves to travel the world. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (NL) | KABK, she started to work as a freelance photographer for diverse clients from the publishing and fashion industry. In addition to her commissioned work, she loves to work on self-initiated photo projects. During her diverse travels, she captures everything that catches her eyes. Her work was shown in numerous solo and group shows. Sanja Marušić’s body of work is full of diverse personal and commissioned projects in vibrant colors.

'She comes in waves' – Work for Nakid Magazine.
‘She comes in waves’ – This image is part of a fashion shoot for Nakid Magazine.

The list of clients includes names such as Elle, Elle stijlbijbel, Ellegirl, Glamcult Magazine, Vice Magazine, Volkskrant, Volkskrant Magazine, Vrij Nederland, New Dawn, Parool, Das Magazine, Pink Ribbon Magazine, Amsterdam &CO, Dutch i-D, Rangoe Magazine, Satellite Journal, Prestage magazine, CJP magazine, Hollands Diep, Fashionista Magazine, Odd Magazine, AYE Magazine, Coeval Magazine, PF Magazine, Bunch Magazine, Intern mag, Photogenics Art Book vol. 2, Pacific Dissent, Opera La Monnaie Brussel, LAAEL, Glamcult Studio, Redken, Top Notch, Pias, V2, Vruchtvlees, Sony Nederland, Rabobank, People’s Place, Glamcult Studio, etc.

The following selection includes images of different projects. You can find more of Sanja Marušić’s colorful photographs on her website or follow her on Instagram to see her latest work.

Collection shoot winner Lichting 2015 Nikki Duijst.
Collection shoot winner Lichting 2015, created for fashion designer Nikki Duijst.
Hypergoods – Sanja Marušić photography.
Hypergoods – Sanja Marušić photography. This colorful setting was found in an old quarry.
Lucky Fonz III – Photo by Sanja Marušić.
Lucky Fonz III – Photo by Sanja Marušić. Hair and grasslands in a uniform color. 😉
Night Walk photo shoot by Sanja Marušić.
This image is part of the Night Walk photo shoot by Sanja Marušić.
Yzabel – Image by photographer by Sanja Marušić.
Yzabel –Infrared image by photographer by Sanja Marušić.

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