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Royalis Font Family by Julien Fincker

Royalis Font Family by Julien Fincker

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The Royalis font family evokes expressiveness and extravagance with its high-contrast serifs and dynamic features like elongated terminals or deep ink traps. It’s available in three versions: a display version of six weights, an accompanying condensed version for display use, plus a text edition for body copy consisting of four weights – all-inclusive with italics as well! This makes this serif font family genuinely versatile for any editorial design work, packaging projects, branding applications, or advertising campaigns.

From its range of weights and capabilities, Royalis can be used in various ways. From the thinner weights offering an air of elegance to the more powerful thicker ones presenting bold contrast.


The Royalis font family features a vast selection of 32 weights, ranging from extra light to black with italics included in each weight. Additionally, the typeface offers three different versions – Display, Display Condensed, and Text – plus an extensive collection of 1027 characters compatible with more than 200 Latin-based languages! As if this wasn’t already impressive enough; additional Open Type features such as alternative characters (i.e., stylistic sets and small caps), automatic fractions, etc., make it indispensable for any project you may have on hand.

Arrows and numbers

Open Type features, coupled with an efficient system, have allowed for vast selections of arrows and numbers that can be quickly “written” without the need to first select them in a glyph palette. This is truly remarkable!

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Royalis Font Family by Julien Fincker
Royalis Font Family by Julien Fincker

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