Rala Choi Photography

Picturesque analog photographs of saturated colors and extraordinary compositions captured by Korean photographer Rala Choi.

Currently based in Seoul, South Korea, Rala Choi is a talented photographer and artist who’s best known for conceptual imagery full of vibrant colors and unique compositions. The photographer works exclusively with film, which results in an even more authentic experience. Rala’s photographs are characterized by a picturesque style caused by vibrant color combinations and catching compositions in an unconventional manner. Without any post production, the photographer wants to capture a certain moment in its full singularity and with all unpredictable irregularities. A handpicked selection of images can be found below. For more, please follow Rala Choi’s Instagram account.

Rala Choi Photography, Intense and thoughtful
Intense and thoughtful photographs.
Rala Choi Photography, Lapiz Sensible SS17 campaign
Lapiz Sensible SS17 campaign.
Rala Choi Photography, Moho series
A photo from the Moho series.
Rala Choi Photography, City man
An image from the City man shooting.
Rala Choi Photography, ZIONT album shoot and editorial work for Eveil's first collection
ZIONT album shoot on the left and an editorial work for Eveil’s first collection on the right.

All images © by Rala Choi. Are you looking for more inspiring imagery? On WE AND THE COLOR you can find much more outstanding photographers from all over the world. Our Photography section includes a varied array of different work such as fashion, portrait, landscape, urban, architecture, and experimental images. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!



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