Home Architecture PS HOUSE in Portugal by Inception Architects Studio

PS HOUSE in Portugal by Inception Architects Studio

Take a look at this beautiful new home located in a low-density urban parish on the outskirts of Braga, a city in Portugal.

Completed in 2001, this modern home was designed by the team of Inception Architects Studio. Photographer Ivo Tavares just sent us some images of the project together with a brief description.

The land has an approximately rectangular shape. It is located on a slope with unevenness and sinuous morphology. It is oriented to the north/northwest facing a small valley, located next to a small urban agglomeration and some cultivated fields.

The features of the house are developed over three different floors facing north and descending the land, following and ‘traversing’ the unevenness that it offers, in a coherent functional hierarchy in height, and whose spatial progression is made in a descending direction.

All images © by Ivo Tavares. Check out other inspiring architecture projects from around the globe on WE AND THE COLOR.

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