A series of Polaroids shot by Can Dagarslani for Impossible HQ.

You may remember our last year’s feature of Can Dagarslani‘s creative shooting “Inside Out” for ADER Clothing. This time I want to show you another and quite spontaneous project by Can Dagarslani. In 2016, the people of Impossible HQ sent him a set of their great films along with a Polaroid camera. They asked him to shoot a complete series for them. The result is a nice set of unique snapshots, which reveal a nostalgic but yet relaxed mood. I’m pretty sure you will like the outcome of this spontaneous photo project as much as I do. Just check out the images below. For more of his work, please visit his website or follow this talented photographer on Instagram: @candagarslani

Can Dagarslani, Polaroid portrait series.
Can Dagarslani, a unique Polaroid portrait series.
Can Dagarslani, Polaroid portraits for Impossible HQ.
Polaroid portraits captured for Impossible HQ.
Can Dagarslani - Looking into a broken mirror.
Looking into a broken mirror.
Can Dagarslani, a spontaneous photo project.
Images from a spontaneous photo project.
Can Dagarslani - the photographer and his colleagues hat a lot of fun.
It seems that the photographer and his colleagues hat a lot of fun.
Can Dagarslani, intimate portrait.
An intimate portrait.
Can Dagarslani - the smile.
A shy but honest smile.
Can Dagarslani, Straight and close.
Captured straight and close.
Can Dagarslani - playing with the shadows.
Playing with the shadows.
Can Dagarslani, two models.
Two models side by side.

All images © by Turkish photographer Can Dagarslani. Do not hesitate to find more amazing photographers on WE AND THE COLOR.



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