Picturesque Sceneries by Luca Tombolini

A selection of picturesque sceneries of remote places captured by Italian photographer Luca Tombolini.

In recent years, Luca Tombolini has traveled to diverse and remote places in order to take pictures of cold polar regions, rugged mountains, and hot unpopulated deserts. His images include picturesque sceneries, which create an almost otherworldly visual experience. Through his photographs, Luca Tombolini creates poetic reflections on the meaning of life as well as space and time. The Milan based photographer is fascinated by rugged mountains or the vastness and solitude found in deserts. Those landscapes make him think about the origin of the cosmos as well as the meaning of life and our time-limited existence on this planet. Read more about the Italian photographer below the first image.

Picturesque sceneries by Luca Tombolini.
Picturesque sceneries shot by Luca Tombolini.

Luca Tombolini actually studied Sciences of Communication with a major on visual rhetorics in Italian cinema. During his studies he discovered his passion for photography. Below you can find more images of the picturesque sceneries. Feel free and visit Luca Tombolini’s website or follow him on Instagram.

Picturesque scenery by Luca Tombolini.
A picturesque scenery of a valley captured by Luca Tombolini.
Extensive view of the hilly landscape.
An extensive view of the hilly landscape. The colors seem to fade in the distance while the landscape and the sky fuse together.
From the water up to the clouds.
From the water up to the clouds.
Glacial ice captured in 2015.
The dwindling glacial ice captured in 2015.
Vegetationless mountains shot by Italian photographer Luca Tombolini.
Vegetationless mountains shot by Italian photographer Luca Tombolini. The color and formation of the landscape creates an almost otherworldly effect. That could be a photo from Mars.
Mount Teide, a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain.
Mount Teide, a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain.
Rough, untouched nature.
Rough, untouched nature.
The simple beauty of dunes.
The simple beauty of dunes – just sand and the sky, nothing more.
The desert, a disorienting environment.
What an amazing setting! The desert is such a disorienting environment.

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