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Pedro Correa captures the subtle and unexpected beauty of our urban surroundings.

Quite naturally influenced by his academic background in oil painting at the Brussels Royal Academy of Arts, Pedro Correa leaped into photography in order to merge the “decisive moment” with the transmission of emotions of impressionistic paintings. Similar to the photographic work of Saul Leiter, he is using this style without any digital manipulation in order to depict the spirit of an imaginary city – global, timeless and universal, where every single moment is worth contemplating. In other words, with his distinctive eye of a painter, Pedro Correa captures the soul of a city by using his camera. His photographic work has been exhibited in numerous international galleries ranging from Hong Kong and Singapore through Washington, Los Angeles, and New York up to London and Brussels. Read more about this talented photographer below.

Heaven Burning – Photo by Pedro Correa.
Heaven Burning – Photo by Pedro Correa.

Pedro Correa was born in Madrid, Spain in 1977. After moving with his family from city to city, he decided to stay in Brussels, Belgium where he studied oil painting and comic art at the Brussel’s Royal Academy of Arts. In addition to his love for painting, he always had this deep interest in photography. Pedro is fascinated by the different ways of capturing a fleeting moment, which can be a completely random event.

Until July 8, 2016, a selection of his urban photographs is currently on display at French Art Studio Gallery in London, UK. Below you can find a few more examples of his images. Do not hesitate and visit Pedro Correa’s website to discover his full body of work.

Checkmate – Photo by Pedro Correa.
Checkmate, a street scene that looks like an abstract painting.
Duplicity – Photo by Pedro Correa.
Duplicity – The photographer skillfully captures the fraction of a fleeting moment.
Espresso Bar – Photo by Pedro Correa.
Espresso Bar – unaltered photographs that show the beauty of a fleeting moment.
First Morning – Photo by Pedro Correa.
First Morning – Photo by Pedro Correa.
Under the Ice – Photo by Pedro Correa.
Under the Ice – Photo by Pedro Correa.
Waiting for Nothing – Photo by Pedro Correa.
Waiting for Nothing – Photographs in urban landscapes.
Zebra girl – Photo by Pedro Correa.
Zebra girl – Photo by Pedro Correa.

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