Paris Swimming Pools – images from an ongoing series by French photographer Ludwig Favre.

Born in 1976, Ludwig Favre is a professional photographer who lives in Paris. He mainly specializes in landscape and urban photography. The past years he was hired for a wide range of projects including advertising campaigns, magazine editorials, books, and shoots for galleries around the globe. Simply named ‘Paris Swimming Pools’, this self initiated project started over two years ago with the aim to highlight the architecture of Parisian swimming pools, which offer a stunning mix of classic and modern styles. Some images of the series can be found below. For more of Ludwig Favre’s photographic work, please visit his website or follow this talented photographer on Instagram.

An old swimming pool.
An old swimming pool.
A more futuristic concept.
This shows a more futuristic concept.
A project that started two years ago.
A project that started two years ago.
Straight lines.
Straight lines and clean water.
The charming touch of old architecture.
Experience the charming touch of old architecture.
Under the open sky.
Swimming under the open sky.

All images © by Ludwig Favre. Do not hesitate to have a look at our popular Photography section. On WE AND THE COLOR we feature the work of emerging and established photographers from all over the world. Whether portraits, landscapes, urban or experimental images, we show you some of the most inspiring pieces!


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