Origins: Maria Svarbova’s continuation of her conceptual swimming pool photography.

Maria Svarbova is a photographer and art director who lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is well known for her distinctive photographs of vintage inspired swimming pool imagery. In terms of color and composition, her conceptual arrangements convey this remarkable and unique experience that takes us back into past times. With her recently published series called “Origins”, the Slovak photography has continued the work of her distinctive swimming pool photographs. This time, she is playing with repetitions and reflections in order to create human patterns. Just have a look below. You can find more of Maria’s photographs in some of our previews features, which you can find here. In addition, I recommend you to visit her website or follow this talented photographer on Instagram.

Maria Svarbova Photography, creating a repeating pattern
Creating a repeating pattern.
Maria Svarbova Photography, one against the flow
One against the flow.
Maria Svarbova Photography, red arrangement
A red arrangement.
Maria Svarbova Photography, 1 against 14
Seems like 1 against 14 but they are actually all the same.
Maria Svarbova Photography, straight in line
All standing straight in line.
Maria Svarbova Photography, waiting for the start
Waiting for the start.

All images © by photographer and art director Maria Svarbova. Do not hesitate to find another inspiring imagery in our popular Photography section. On WE AND THE COLOR we feature the work of some of the most talented photographers from all around the globe.


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