Explore the spirit of youth and freedom through the lens of Germany based photographer Obi Wolf.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Obi Wolf is a photographer who creates such refreshing portraits of mostly young women. Whether in his studio or somewhere on his travels, his photographs have this captivating simplicity, which is the result of informal environments with quite natural light. It’s like having a shooting in a calm atmosphere with the girl next door. His models are mostly amateurs, which gives the images an even more natural touch. Photographs from Obi Wolf’s shootings appeared in numerous publications both print media and on screen. In addition, selected images could be seen in diverse exhibitions. Another fine selection of photographs is now on display on WE AND THE COLOR, just have a look below. For more, please visit Obi Wolf’s website or follow this young photographer on Instagram and Tumblr.

Obi Wolf Photography, photo from a shooting with Paula.
A sensual photo from a shooting with Paula.
Obi Wolf Photography, portrait of Luisa.
Portrait of Luisa – playing around with light and shadows.
Obi Wolf Photography, another image from the shoot with Luisa.
Another image from the shoot with Luisa.
Obi Wolf Photography, close up portrait.
Close up portrait.
Obi Wolf Photography, studio shoot.
An image from a studio shoot.
Natural portrait and beauty photography by Obi Wolf.
Natural portrait and beauty photography.
Obi Wolf Photography, red on red.
Striking red on red.
Obi Wolf Photography, Sofia's face close up.
Sofia’s face close up.

All images © by Obi Wolf. Do not hesitate to find more talented photographers on WE AND THE COLOR.

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