Night Photography by Andreas Levers

At Night, an ongoing photo project by Andreas Levers.

Andreas Levers is actually working as a media designer in Potsdam, Germany. Photography is the matter of choice with which he deals in his spare time. His images show mostly landscapes and architecture in all their fascinating diversity. His ongoing project “At Night” has been started in 2013. Shot in different locations, the series includes a range of illuminated places such as traffic lights at an intersection, street lanterns, and railway tracks. A small compilation can be found below. For more, feel free to visit Andreas Levers’ website or follow him on Instagram: @96dpi

Furthermore, some images from his trip to Iceland can be found in a previous article, just check it out here.

At Night photography by Andreas Levers.
“At Night” photography by Andreas Levers.
Traffic lights at an intersection.
Traffic lights at an intersection.
Gas station.
A gas station enlightened in the dark.
Lights at the railroad.
Lights at the railroad.
Train station in a foggy night.
A train station in a foggy night.
Illuminated half-pipe.
An illuminated half-pipe.

All images © by German designer and photographer Andreas Levers. Do not hesitate to visit our extensive Photography section. The category is filled with lots of stunning work shot by talented photographers from around the world. We show you amazing images from different fields such as portrait, fashion, landscape and architecture photography.

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