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Nienkämper Branding by Blok Design

Design studio Blok created a unique brand identity for furniture company Nienkämper.

“Nienkämper is a furniture company that has pursued the highest ideals in design and manufacturing since the 1960s. It has collaborated with some of the most prominent architects and designers such as Frank Gehry and Karim Rashid among many others.”

After a long-standing working relationship, the creative team of Canadian design studio Blok was asked to help with a redesign of the existing brand identity system. Grounded in the company’s high values and spirit, they produced a new visual identity. Below you can see a few images. For more, please visit Blok’s website or follow them on Behance.

Nienkämper branding by Blok Design

All images © by Blok. Check out more inspiring projects by some of the best designers and studios in our Graphic Design and Branding categories.

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