Nick Verbelchuk Photography

A selection of breathtaking landscape photographs by Nick Verbelchuk.

Nick Verbelchuk is a young guy from Portland, Oregon with a great passion for photography. Inspired by his younger brother who always had an eye for creative perspectives and hidden details, Nick followed in his footsteps. Always armed with his camera, he loves to wander through Oregon’s breathtaking landscape where he appreciates the wonderful sceneries they are blessed with. He feels more connected to nature than modern day technology. While being outside, Nick Verbelchuk simply enjoys to take in a deep breath of fresh air or to hear the birds chirping. His photography seems like a tribute to the wonderful scenery they are blessed with each and every day.

A small selection of his photographs can be found below. For more, please visit his website or follow this talented photographer on Instagram.

Hillsboro, Oregon – Nick Verbelchuk
A plane in the middle of the forest at Hillsboro, Oregon. “Change the world with your faith and not your might”
Arlington, Oregon – Nick Verbelchuk
Shot of a straight road at Arlington, Oregon. “The cross is before me and the world is behind me.”
Bird's eye view at Larch Mountain.
Bird’s eye view of a winding street at Larch Mountain.
Boardman Tree Farm – Nick Verbelchuk
“Rainy days and pumpkin spice lattes.” This portrait was taken at Boardman Tree Farm.
Boardman, Oregon – Nick Verbelchuk
Trees at Boardman, Oregon. “Fallen for you.”
Lost Lake, Or – Nick Verbelchuk
What a breathtaking view at Lost Lake, Or! “Lost in all your wonder.”
Rattlesnake Ledge – Nick Verbelchuk
A shot by Nick Verbelchuk taken at Rattlesnake Ledge.

All images © by Nick Verbelchuk. Feel free to discover more outstanding photographers on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Photography section features a wide range of different work.

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