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Nexa Font Family – Sans Serif Typeface by Fontfabric

Nexa - Sans Serif Font by Fontfabric

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The Nexa font family, a sans serif for web and print design.

Bulgarian type designer Svetoslav Simov developed the Nexa font family for foundry Fontfabric in 2012. It’s a modern sans serif family that consists of 16 fonts (eight uprights with eight italics). The typeface is characterized by a well legibility and a modern geometric design. The accurate, well-balanced typeface of the Nexa font family is suitable for both headlines as well as texts.

Nexa’s modern and friendly look is applicable for any kind of graphic design in web, print, motion graphics, t-shirts or other items like posters and logos. With the Nexa font family, Svetoslav Simov has created a typeface that refers to current trends in the fields of typography and graphic design.

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The Nexa type family from Fontfabric comprises 16 fonts consisting of 8 uprights and 8 italics.
The Nexa font family from type foundry Fontfabric comes in 8 weights.
The typeface offers good legibility and excellent design.

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