Morten Nordstrøm Photography

Selected photographs by Morten Nordstrøm.

Morten Nordstrøm is a self-taught photographer from Denmark who gained reputation due to his mesmerizing images. With his education in the fields of business strategies and digital communications, he is also working for Sony Music Denmark as Photographer and Social Media Manager. Morten Nordstrøm loves to play with different perspectives and reflections. His Instagram account gained rapidly a list of more than 100k followers and it continues to rise. I guess most people are delighted by this skillful mix of cityscapes, portraits, and travel photography. His little experiments with optical illusions due to reflections on wet roads or altered perspectives seem to take the viewer on a journey into another dimension.

In addition to his self-initiated photographs and his partly work for Sony Music Denmark, Morten Nordstrøm has been commissioned by a range of well known clients including eBay, Microsoft, Nokia, DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Tivoli, Wonderful Copenhagen, Danish School of Media and Journalism, Olympus, Ten Music Group, just to name a few.

In 2014, the Huffington Post has featured him in an article amongst 28 refreshing accounts worth to follow on Instagram. Below you can find a selection of images all taken by Morten Nordstrøm. Feel free and discover more on his website and do not hesitate to follow him on Instagram. Just check his account here: @mortenordstrom

Reflections on a wet street.
Reflections on a wet street. The Danish photographer is a master of altered perspectives and reflections.
Portrait of Danish singer Emilie Esther.
A simple and clean portrait of Danish singer Emilie Esther.
Copenhagen vibes shot by Morten Nordstrøm.
Copenhagen vibes shot by self-taught photographer Morten Nordstrøm.
Jorcks Passage in Copenhagen captured by Morten Nordstrøm on a rainy day.
Jorcks Passage in Copenhagen captured by Morten Nordstrøm on a rainy day. The wet cobblestones create a very romantic mood.
Reflections of the city.
Reflections of the city. The Danish photographer often takes pictures of reflections in water puddles, which creates a surreal effect of another dimension.
Peaceful and minimalist photography.
Peaceful and minimalist photography.


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