Monica Menez – Fashion Photography

Unconventional and unique fashion photography by Monica Menez.

Monica Menez was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. She mainly focuses on photography and the production of independent fashion films. With her passion for metaphors and short stories, her creative work often has a narrative approach. Based on unconventional ideas and unique settings, her imagery is both highly aesthetic and provocative. With an unmistakable sense of humor, Monica Menez transforms scenes from everyday life into masterfully staged imagery. Please read more below the first images.

An image from the photo series ‘Torture’.

Whether fashion films or photography, her multi-layered work is full of hidden details mixed with a good portion of confident femininity. Most of the fashion projects are centered around eroticism and desire, but not in the traditional sense – Monica Menez skillfully combines seductive scenes with humorous elements. With an fondness for grotesque situations, her body of work is humorous, fresh, exhilarating, and sexy. She is inspired by a variety of different artistic and cultural influences such as surrealism and photography of the 1950s – 1960s. A fine selection of images, taken from different fashion projects, can be found below. For more of her creative work, please visit her website.

Monica Menez photography.
Monica Menez – fashion photography.
Balloon for the Opera Magazine.
Editorial work: Balloon for the Opera Magazine.
Cozy up for Leica.
Sexy and provocative photography with a humorous twist: Cozy up for Leica.
Fashion photography by Monica Menez.
Fashion photography by Monica Menez.
Furla shooting.
An image from the Furla shooting.

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