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Mixed Media Artist Evan Robarts

New York based mixed media artist Evan Robarts.

Eyes on American mixed media artist Evan Robarts.

Evan Robarts was born in 1982 in Miami Beach, FL. Today he lives and works in New York City. Robarts received a BFA in sculptural arts at Pratt Institute in 2008. From this time forward, he has participated widely in numerous group shows for a couple of years. In 2015, a selection of Evan Robarts’ work has been featured in two major solo exhibitions: ‘Run of the Mill’ at The Hole in New York City and ‘Overtime’ at Galerie Jeanroch Dard in Brussels, Belgium.

Installation by American mixed media artist Evan Robarts.
Installation by American mixed media artist Evan Robarts.

The New York City based artist creates both paintings and installations using diverse techniques, tools, and a huge range of different media. Using a simple mop, Evan Robarts has created a series of paintings by wiping the deck of linoleum-covered panels with the mop. This way, he has generated a great mix of lines and curves on rectangular tile structures. Also his diverse installations have been created from a variety of materials ranging from old sports equipment to construction materials. Have a look at all the artworks below. For those of you who want to see more of Evan Robarts’ creative work, feel free and check out his website: evanrobarts.com

Lost in Space I, painting from 2015 using fiberglass reinforced plaster on linoleum mounted on panel.
Installation from 2015 with balls in chain link frames.
Rough brush tracks in black and white on a tile pattern.
Pick Up Sticks, an installation from 2012.
Mop painting created by New York City based artist Evan Robarts.
This mixed media artwork is utilizing old tiles.

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