Sensual underwater photography captured by Mira Nedyalkova.

Before she came to photography in 2007, Mira Nedyalkova has started with drawing and painting to express herself. Her photographs refer to both physical and mental pain as well as eroticism, beauty, life and transience. She uses photography to express her inner feelings. Water, the source of life is an essential part of her photographic work. From different points of view, it’s her source of creative inspiration as well as the most important element to visualize her creative ideas. Please read more below the first image of our small selection.

Erotic underwater photography from a female point of view.
Artistic and subtle erotic underwater photography from a female point of view.

Inspired by the power and characteristics of water, Mira Nedyalkova loves to experiment with transparency, purity, transformations, and reflections of light. The photographer describes this element as highly erotic. The thirst for water is comparable to our thirst for life and love. Over the last few years, Mira has produced a unique collection of outstanding underwater photographs. She has captured different models in various sensual moments in order to bring together the opposites of life and death, physical beauty and transience. Check out the images below or feel free to visit Mira Nedyalkova’s website and Instagram account.

Only with presence, 2016
“Only with Presence” – image from a shoot realized in 2016.
Planet Vega, 2014
“Planet Vega” – Sensual and melancholic photographs from 2014.
Sin, 2014
Sin – beauty and transience captured in 2014.
Underwater photography by Mira Nedyalkova.
Underwater photography by Mira Nedyalkova.
An elixir for Existence, 2015
“An Elixir for Existence”, an image from a shoot made in 2015.

All images © by Mira Nedyalkova.


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