Eyes on photographer Mauricio F. Corridan.

Born on April 1986 in Southern Ireland, Mauricio F. Corridan has grown up in The Canary Islands, Spain. Due to his dual nationality, Mauricio was raised with cultural diversity, which resulted in a great passion for travel. During the last years, he has lived, studied and worked in numerous countries. Each culture and language left a lasting impression. Please read more about this talented photographer below the first image.

Mauricio F. Corridan Photography.
Mauricio F. Corridan Photography. The photo was taken at Studio Chérie.

Today, Mauricio F. Corridan lives in Berlin, Germany to pursue his degree, following a career in Photography. He already worked for a range of major clients including names such as Esprit and Urban Outfitters.

Check out the selected images below or have a look at his Instagram profile to see more of his photographs and travels.

Pool corners.
Simple pool corners.
Architecture in Seoul, South Korea.
Modern architecture captured in Seoul, South Korea.
Basketball court at San Francisco, California.
An image taken at a basketball court in San Francisco, California.
The paradise found in Bali.
Faceless, shooting in Berlin, Germany.
Faceless – photograph from a shooting in Berlin, Germany.
Lookup in Milan, Italy.
Lookup in Milan, Italy.
Skin, sun, and surfaces.
Skin, sun, shadows, and different surfaces.
Tenerife, Spain.
Greetings from Tenerife, Spain.

All images © by Mauricio F. Corridan. Feel free to find more inspiring photographs from around the globe on WE AND THE COLOR.


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