Matthias Heiderich – Minimalist Architecture Photography

Material I, a new series of minimalist architecture photography by Matthias Heiderich.

Often featured on WE AND THE COLOR, Matthias Heiderich is a self taught photographer from Germany who currently lives in Berlin. I discovered him some years ago and his work really stood out to me. He was one of the first guys I noticed with this great sense of minimalist architecture photography. Conventional architectural photography is mainly focused on the entire building or even an entire cityscape. But Heiderich’s images focus on specific details. His aim is to pick out colors, contrasts, geometric structures, patterns, and certain symmetries. Armed with his camera, he shots everything that catches his eyes. Whether in Berlin or on his travels through the world, the German photographer has produced several collections of adorable ‘minimalism’. Read more about his latest series ‘Material I’ below the first image.

Matthias Heiderich – color and symmetry.
Matthias Heiderich’s image picks out the color and architectural symmetry of the building.

He recently published this new series called ‘Material I’. The collection includes diverse architecture, places, and scenes found in cities such as Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Leipzig, Lisbon, Milan, and Rome. As always, the photographer has captured images of architectural details, which makes it difficult to guess where each photo was taken. But that’s not important. Each shot is so special because of these details. The simple interaction of shapes and colors conveys a stunning look. Below you can see a few examples of the series ‘Material I’. You can find more of the series on his website or feel free and follow him on Instagram.

Matthias Heiderich Photographer
German photographer Matthias Heiderich is well known for his minimalist photographs of certain details in urban environments.
Matthias Heiderich – Material I
A picture from the series ‘Material I’ by Matthias Heiderich.
Matthias Heiderich – Material I
Geometric details of urban architecture captured by Matthias Heiderich.
Matthias Heiderich – minimalist city photography.
Another fine example of Matthias Heiderich’s minimalist city photography.
Matthias Heiderich – minimalist architecture photography.
Matthias Heiderich’s minimalist architecture photography is based on certain details such as colors, symmetry, and patterns.

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