Emotional and authentic portraits through the lens of Matthew James Kelly.

Matthew James Kelly is a young photographer based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He mainly focuses on showcasing emotional portraits through strong posing. “The art being presented has been captured to convey some of my friendships and adventures I have gotten to experience. I constantly am looking for different scenes to capture and create a moment to remember. Photography has become my life and if I am not holding a camera I am usually editing photos.” – Matthew James Kelly

Just have a look at the images below. For more, please visit Matt Kelly’s website or follow this talented photographer on Instagram.

Matt Kelly Photography.
Matt Kelly Photography. Shot with a 35 mm camera.
Matt Kelly Photography, Loneliness.
Matt Kelly Photography, Portraiture through emotional, strong posing.
Portraiture through emotional, strong posing.
Self portrait by Matt Kelly.
Self portrait by Matthew James Kelly.
Matt Kelly Photography, Keep breathing, keep searching, keep feeling.
“Keep breathing, keep searching, keep feeling.”
Matt Kelly Photography, They carried hope thick in their visions, and they held you deep in their chest.
“They carried hope thick in their visions, and they held you deep in their chest.”
Matt Kelly Photography, Emotional and authentic portraits.
Emotional and authentic portraits.

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