The little details of beauty through the lens of Argentinian photographer and director Martin Levi.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Martin Levi is a photographer and director who’s mainly hired for editorials and advertising campaigns. His body of work includes a diverse mix of natural beauty portraits, black and white shoots, experimental work such as double exposures, and different film projects. Whether in the streets, bars or private apartments, he prefers to shoot in natural surroundings, which results in a high level of authenticity. Some of the images are characterized by a distinctive cinematographic touch while others capture the uniqueness of a brief moment. In the past years, Martin Levi’s beauty portraits have been shown in numerous publications both printed and web media. Some fine examples can be found below. For more, please visit his website or follow this talented photographer on Instagram.

Martin Levi, Beauty portrait of Argentinian model Chelsea.
A sensual beauty portrait of Argentinian model Chelsea.
Martin Levi, Two guns
In the woods with two guns.
Martin Levi, Black and white portrait.
Black and white beauty portrait.
Martin Levi, Double exposure photography
Double exposure photography.
Martin Levi, Behind the window.
Chelsea captured through the window.

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