Maria Svarbova: No Diving

‘No Diving’, a new set of Maria Svarbova’s 1970s inspired Swimming Pool series.

I’m pretty sure you remember our first feature of Maria Svarbova‘s ‘Swimming Pool‘ series a few months ago. The article received a lot of attention and went viral on all of our social media channels. With ‘No Diving’, the Bratislava, Slovakia based photographer has added a new set of photographs to this ongoing project. As seen in her previous images, Maria has created more images in her distinctive style. All human models seem to pose completely motionless just like mannequins in a shopping window. They are dressed in swimwear of the 60s and 70s. Even the minimalist style is reminiscent of a bygone era. Feel free and read more below the first image.

No Diving by Maria Svarbova.
‘No Diving’, photographs by Maria Svarbova from Bratislava, Slovakia.

All photos of the series are based on a unique color scheme as well a striking contrast. With her work, Maria wants to trigger certain feelings and emotions. When you look at these pictures you immediately get such sentimental feelings. On one hand, her images convey this overwhelming sense of loneliness. On the other hand, they have this grace of minimalism with a touch of nostalgia. Below you can find a few examples of the ‘No Diving’ set. To find more images of the project, please visit Maria Svarbova’s website or follow her on Instagram.

Photography and Concept: Maria Svarbova
Costume and Styling: Zuzana Hudakova, Martina Siranova
Models: Miska, Sabina, Juraj, Adam

Conceptual photography by Maria Svarbova.
Conceptual photography in vibrant colors and a unique retro setting by Maria Svarbova.
'No Diving' is the continuation of the popular the swimming pool series by photographer and art directer, Maria Svarbova.
‘No Diving’ is the continuation of the popular the swimming pool series by photographer and art directer, Maria Svarbova.
Sitting alone at the pool.
Sitting alone at the pool. Most images of the series have this sense of minimalism and nostalgia.
Still life photography by Maria Svarbova.
Conceptual still life photography in vibrant colors.
Swimming pool series by Maria Svarbova.
Images from the swimming pool photo project by Maria Svarbova.

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