Through the lense of Lithuanian photographer Linas Vaitonis.

Born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania, Linas Vaitonis is a self-taught photographer who tries to take photographs with a conscious duality caused by light, color, distinctive compositions and a unique character that leads to a cinematographic approach. Linas is actually an ecologist. Since graduating from Vilnius university, he worked with different nature sciences laboratories and ecology consulting companies for various environmental projects. Furthermore, he worked as an editor right after finishing high school. In the age of 20, he grabbed his mother’s camera and started shooting everything around him. It started as fun and became an obsession. Please read more below.

Linas Vaitonis, We're all mad Here
“We’re all mad here”

His focus is somehow between odd and ordinary, reality and fiction. With his aim to tell visual stories, Linas Vaitonis likes to experiment with unusual locations in order to convey a certain atmosphere. Some more examples can be found below. For more, please visit his website:

Linas Vaitonis, Night sky
Night sky
Linas Vaitonis, No borders
No borders
Linas Vaitonis, At the ocean
At the ocean
Linas Vaitonis, Palms and sky
Palms and sky
Linas Vaitonis, Naked skin
Naked skin
Linas Vaitonis, Sports ground
Sports ground

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