After Life 2015 by Nydia Lilian

After – Life 2015, a photo series by Nydia Lilian depicting the phenomenological condition of post-nature.

Nydia Lilian is a photographer and graphic designer who lives in Monterrey, Mexico. Her photo series “After – Life 2015” is a visionary exploration of a new natural order. During a trip through Iceland, Nydia Lilian has captured a range of stunning landscape photographs. It’s like seeing these landscapes in a process of renewal, a process that develops a new natural order. After – Life 2015 is Nydia Lilian’s vision of an environment that slowly overcomes the impact of human activity. Please read more below the first image.

Heat from the series After – Life 2015 by Nydia Lilian.
Heat, an image from the series After – Life 2015 by Nydia Lilian.

It’s her aim to show fragments of an emancipated nature that frees itself from the last remnants of human influences. Her photo series bridges the gap between science and fiction to show a meta-narrative scenario of a possible future. Check out the selected images below. To see the full series, please have a look at Nydia Lilian’s website or follow her on Instagram.

Clash. The land of fire and ice forms a breathtaking ever changing environment.
Destructive Sound
Destructive Sound. A lake in an old volcano crater.
Distance. A distant view from above.
Happening. The snow forms an abstract pattern on the ground.
Impact. Polar lights in the sky of Iceland.
A Natural Disaster
A Natural Disaster. Remains of human existence are still visible.
Limits. Architectural shapes made by mother nature.
Luminance. Blue gleaming ice above the rocky ground.
No Hiding Place
No Hiding Place. Mountains captured from the distance.
Post-Nature. What a unique setting!
Reaction. Icebreaks on the coast.
Transitory Hit
Transitory Hit.
Welcome Back
Welcome Back. What a great contrast of black and white; sea and land.

All images © by Nydia Lilian. Feel free to have a look into our extensive Photography category. On WE AND THE COLOR you can find a handpicked selection of inspiring images captured by some of the world’s leading photographers.

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