Li Hui Photography

Emotional and nostalgic photographs by Li Hui.

I have to admit it took me some time to start writing on this article. While listening to some music of my youth, I completely lost myself in Li Hui’s photographs. The Chinese photographer produces images with a personal and deeply emotional touch. Enhanced by all these songs that remind me of past times and experiences, I felt even more this touch of nostalgia. With a great eye for detail, Li Hui turns the randomness of a fleeting moment in an everlasting memory. Feel free to find more information about this talented photographer below the first image.

Photos full emotions and nostalgia.
Touching photos full emotions and nostalgia.

Born in Hangzhou, China, Li Hui is a professional photographer who works for a wide range of international clients. With a focus on youth, nature, and intimacy, her images from various personal projects could be seen in diverse exhibitions nationally and abroad. A small selection can be found below. For more, please visit her website or follow this outstanding photographer on Instagram.

Another Yesterday
Another Yesterday
Double exposure photography.
Double exposure photography in black and white.
Fish in a plastic bag.
Some fish in a plastic bag.
Image from the Series 14 April by photographer Li Hui.
An image from the Series “14 April” taken by photographer Li Hui.
Image from the series Another Yesterday.
This image is part of the series “Another Yesterday”.
Photographs with a strong lomographic touch.
Photographs with a strong lomographic touch.
Running towards the sunset.
Running towards the sunset.

All images © by Chinese photographer Li Hui. Do not hesitate and discover more exceptional photographers on WE AND THE COLOR.


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