Laurent Rosset – Photo Manipulations

Dreamlike photo manipulations of bending landscapes and surreal montages by Laurent Rosset.

Laurent Rosset is primarily an architect, but he also describes himself as a dreamer as well as a perfectionist. He believes in true love and hard work but only in conjunction with a lot of fun. Besides his work for architectural firm CEBRA, he loves to create dreamlike photo manipulations of different landscapes, cities, people, roads, etc. Laurent says “architecture is about ideas and drawings”. With his photo manipulations he seems to push these ideas to a whole new level. Using a variety of imagery, Laurent Rosset creates surreal settings that blow your mind. He’s working with tools such as Photoshop to bend landscapes or he combines different images to create something completely new. His experience as an architect has a strong influence on his pictures. His life motto is: “Create your dream, follow it and live it!”

Below you can find a selection his images. Most of the surreal photo montages are available as fine art prints on his website, feel free and check it out here. You can also follow him on Instagram.

Warped landscapes digitally created.
Warped landscapes digitally created. The Italian architect and photo manipulator loves to experiment with effects of warping and bending.
Dreamlike photo montage by Laurent Rosset.
Dreamlike photo montage by Laurent Rosset. This sleeping beauty becomes one with the environment.
Photo manipulation by Laurent Rosset.
Photo manipulation by Laurent Rosset. This is no horizon, as you’re used to it. What an amazing upside-down beach scene!
Surreal photo manipulation by Laurent Rosset.
Surreal photo manipulation by Laurent Rosset. And again, a sleeping girl becomes one with the environment.
The Sky is Flat.
The Sky is Flat. This is another great ocean scene without horizon. The sea seems to be folded up.

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