Lane Coder – Underwater Photography

“Coming Up For Air”, a series of sensual and highly aesthetic underwater photographs by Lane Coder.

The American photographer Lane Coder was born and raised in New Canaan, Connecticut. After studying in New York City, Paris, and California, where he graduated with a BFA in Photography in 2003 from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Lane Coder immediately pursued a professional career as freelance photographer. He specializes in both commercial projects and self initiated fine art photographs. His list of clients includes the who’s who of the fashion and publishing world such as Vogue, Elle, GQ, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Daily Telegraph London, V magazine, Spin, Vanity Fair, Nylon, just to name a few. A selection of his fine art photography has been shown in numerous exhibitions both nationally and abroad. Read more below.

Lane Coder – Coming Up For Air.
Lane Coder – Coming Up For Air.

In this article I want to focus on his fine art work. All pictures you can see below are part of a series of underwater photographs called ‘Coming Up For Air’. The photo series celebrates the sensual, feminine movements in weightless conditions. Each individual image of the series provides a dreamlike, almost surreal atmosphere. Just have a look for yourself! If you are interested to see more of Lane Coder’s body of work, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Dreamlike underwater photography.
Enjoy this dreamlike underwater photography. The woman has been captured seemingly floating motionless, as if time stood still.
A dive into the water.
A dive into the crystal clear water down to the ground.
The natural beauty of the female body.
The natural beauty of the female body photographed in weightless conditions.
Lane Coder – Coming Up For Air.
Another image from Lane Coder’s stunning series “Coming Up For Air”.
Weightless and graceful.
She’s floating weightless and graceful.
Sensual, elegant and aesthetic underwater photography.
Sensual, elegant and aesthetic underwater photography.
Coming Up For Air by photographer Lane Coder.
Coming Up For Air, a series by American photographer Lane Coder.

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