Portraits of Iryna Magay captured by Ukrainian photographer Julia Luzina.

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Julia Luzina is a photographer who specializes in fashion, portrait, and advertising photography. Her images are often characterized by a very sensual and feminine touch. She has recently shot a series of beautiful portraits of Iryna Magay. Just have a look at our selection below. For those of you who want to see more of Julia Luzina’s photographic work, please visit her portfolio on Behance or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Julia Luzina Photography, Sensual and feminine portraits.
Sensual and feminine portraits.
Julia Luzina Photography, A close portrait of Iryna Magay.
A close portrait of Iryna Magay.
Julia Luzina Photography, Dressed in striking red.
Dressed in striking red.
Julia Luzina, Unique fashion photography.
Unique fashion photography.
Julia Luzina Photography, On the edge.
On the edge.
Julia Luzina Photography, Between two walls.
Between two walls.
Julia Luzina Photography, Down the stairs.
A shot down the stairs.

All images © by Julia Luzina. Feel free to find more talented photographers on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Photography section includes a varied mix of highly creative work such as portrait, fashion, landscape, urban, and experimental work. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!

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