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Joyride Font by TypeJuice

Joyride Font by TypeJuice

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Say hello to Joyride, a trending extended typeface with extremely variable widths.

Created and published by the experienced design team of TypeJuice, Joyride is a sans-serif typeface with extended variable widths. The complete font family consists of 16 fonts including a great variety of weights and styles. This trending typeface is equipped with 300+ alternate glyphs with variable widths to give you all the creative freedom you need. With over 4000 glyphs in total including upper and lowercase letters, the Joyride font supports multiple languages. It is suitable for all kinds of trending designs ranging from print to web. Just click on the following link to learn more about this exceptional typeface.

Joyride Font by TypeJuice
Joyride Font by TypeJuice

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