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ITC Franklin Gothic Font Family

ITC Franklin Gothic font family.

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ITC Franklin Gothic, a sans-serif font family with a true American spirit.

Published in 2010 by type foundry ITC, the ITC Franklin Gothic font family is a remake of the original Franklin Gothic that first appeared in 1902. The new family is well suited for web content as well as small screens, billboards, and display ads. This successful remake masterfully retains the distinctive personality of the original typeface with only small changes in x-height and character width. This font family is bringing the strength and vitality of early American sans serif typefaces to the 21st century.

While the family is actually intended for display use in extra large letters, it’s also a good choice for short text sections even in smaller sizes. ITC Franklin Gothic can be easily combined with old style or slab serif typeface. Its capitals are wide and the lowercase letters share the typical proportions of serif typefaces. The family is available as a suite of OpenType® Pro fonts. It allows the use of the design while taking advantage of advanced typographic capabilities. For additional information on all features, just click on the following link.

You can purchase the family on MyFonts.

ITC Franklin Gothic font family.
The ITC Franklin Gothic font family.
Type samples.
A typeface with a true American spirit.
It is great for signage and labels.

The family is available for purchase on MyFonts.

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