Inception by Bryan Bernard

Inception, a series of surreal photo manipulations by Bryan Bernard.

Bryan Bernard is a Brussels, Belgium based student with great skills in graphic design, photography, and digital image editing. His Inception series is an exploration of different visual effects. Using a variety of retouching techniques, Bryan Bernard has transformed photographs in surreal worlds. The series currently consists of 4 pieces. Each artwork literally draws the viewer into its spell. The images show excerpts from surreal scenes that defy the laws of physics. These pieces look like images created by our subconscious mind. Do not hesitate and check them out below.

For those of you who want to see more of Bryan Bernard’s creative work, please have a look at his portfolio on Behance of follow him on Instagram.

Inception by Bryan Bernard.
Inception, a surreal series of photo manipulations created by Bryan Bernard.
Fine art print.
Fine art print.
Surreal photo manipulation.
Minimalist, surreal photo manipulation.
Example of a printed version.
Example of a printed version.
Dreamlike scenario.
What a dreamlike scenario! Jumping from the edge of the world.
Printed version.
An example of a printed version.
Dreamlike retouching.
Dreamlike retouching of an ocean and cliffs.
View of a printed version.
Another view of a printed version.

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