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Hyper Realistic Pen Artworks by Alessandro Paglia

Alessandro Paglia - pen artist

Eyes on pen artist Alessandro Paglia and his hyper realistic drawings in black and white.

Alessandro Paglia was always fascinated by the elegance and depth of simple black and white. Mostly in large format, Alessandro Paglia transforms iconic design objects and contemporary industrial aesthetics into hyper realistic artworks. The usual process starts with photographing the subject, then he is drawing the outlines with a pencil. Thereafter he meticulously reproduces the object with a technical ink pen on rough grain paper. In a repeating pattern of little circles, he creates hyper realistic and vibrant artworks with a strong individuality. Read more below.

Poop Balloon Dog
Poop Balloon Dog

This elaborate technique results in a fascinating visual experience of strong contrasts in a striking monochromatic look. Every artwork is a tribute to the elegance and personality of each respective object. Below you can find a few more pieces. For those who want to know more about this talented artist, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Donut artwork with an image that shows the work in progress.
Double Vision Pills
Philipp Plein High Top Sneaker
Killer Whale Origami

All images © by Alessandro Paglia. Feel free to find more inspiring illustrations on
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