Gustav Willeit: Perspe Series

Perspe, a surreal photo series of invented environments by Gustav Willeit.

Gustav Willeit is an Italian freelance photographer. From 2000 – 2004, he studied at F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign in Zurich, Switzerland. Thereafter, he worked as an assistant for various photographers until he started his own business in 2006. In addition to his commissioned work, he loves to produce self-initiated photo projects. His ‘Perspe’ series conveys the vision of a surreal parallel universe. Through retouching and reflection, Gustav Willeit creates imaginary worlds. Feel free and read more below the first image.

Cylindrical island by Gustav Willeit.
A seemingly cylindrical island created by Gustav Willeit.

The viewer’s perception is tumbling between reality and fantasy, while the natural origins are still recognizable. Human elements can often be found in his images. They serve as a balance between reality and illusion. A small selection of his images can be found below. I recommend you to visit Gustav Willeit’s website to see more of his fascinating work.

Gustav Willeit creates his very own world.
With advanced retouching skills, the Italian photographer and visual artist creates his very own world.
Invented environment by Gustav Willeit.
All images of the Perspe series show freely invented environments.
Little Manhattan island by Gustav Willeit.
The vision of a little Manhattan island.
Surreal landscapes made through retouching and reflection.
Surreal landscapes made through retouching and reflection.
Surreal parallel universe by Gustav Willeit.
The Perspe series seems like a glimpse into a surreal parallel universe.

All images © by Gustav Willeit. Do not hesitate and find more inspiring images in our extensive Photography section. The category is equipped with outstanding imagery from all over the world. Discover a wide range of photographic work including portraits, urban, and landscape shots. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of photography inspiration.


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