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Graphics: Wabi-Sabi Jungle Abstractions

Wabi-Sabi – letters, textures, and abstract ink designs.

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Wabi-Sabi, a great set of handmade textures, letters, and abstract ink designs.

Designed by Isabelle Salem in 2017, this beautiful collection of abstract graphics follows the Wabi-Sabi concept, a deep principle of existence, which is based on the recognition of the transient and imperfect beauty. With these principles in mind and her passion for inky, rough strokes and edges, Isabelle Salem has created a beautiful collection of abstract graphics, textures, letters, objects, and lines. You can use these graphics to create a varied range of different designs.

So what’s included?

The collection is equipped with a set of uppercase and lowercase letters, 23 premade shapes and designs, 12 premade backgrounds, and 3 patterns each with png and jpeg versions included. For further information, just have a look at the images below or click on the following link.

You can download the entire collection on Creative Market.

Wabi-Sabi - Natural abstractions.
Wabi-Sabi – Natural abstractions.
Uppercase letters.
Uppercase letters.
Lowercase letters.
3 abstract patterns.
Create unique designs.
Pre-made ink designs.
12 pre-made backgrounds.

You can purchase the complete collection on Creative Market.

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