Gallos, a font that combines the conceptual historical elegance of the Uncials with the practical rationalism of the geometric style.

Published just recently by W Foundry, the font family is composed of two subfamilies: Gallos Uncial and Gallos Architype. The letters “M”, “N”, “W”, “a”, “m”, “n”, “r”, and “w” differ between these two styles. The classical geometric style of the Uncial script is depicting more conventional uppercase and lowercase letters “m” and “n”. The Architype one is inspired by Paul Renner’s Architype model, thus the leaned “a” has an open counter, the “r” is composed of a stem and a dot, and the rest of the mentioned letters were built using square rational features. Both styles are connected by classical Uncial features such as the curved stroke “e” and curved shaft “t”. A Gaelic touch can be seen in the uppercase and lowercase letters “K” and “X”. Also, the curved descender “g” and “y” alongside the curved stem “z” connect quite well with the rest of the type system and provide more uniqueness to the Gallos font family.

Gallos font family by W Foundry.
Gallos font family by W Foundry.
Gallos font family by W Foundry.
Gallos font family by W Foundry.

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