Surreal and melancholic photography by Gabriel Isak.

Born in Huskvarna, Sweden, Gabriel Isak is an extraordinary photographer with a great sense of mind provoking images. In 2016, he has graduated with a BFA in Photography from Academy of Art University and is currently living in New York City. His conceptual photographs serve as metaphors for certain experiences and memories. He prefers to use simple forms to evoke deep emotions. Gabriel Isak’s photographic work is inspired by dreams and psychology. In this way, he creates visuals of subconscious thoughts. Viewers of his images are invited to interact with this “internal world of solitary figures”.

Please have a look at the selected images below. For more, please visit his website or follow him on Behance and Instagram.

Gabriel Isak, The Blue journey.
An image from the series “The Blue journey”.
Gabriel Isak, Acclimatize.
Gabriel Isak, another image from the series The Blue journey.
Another image from the series “The Blue Journey”.
Gabriel Isak, Dazed Delusions, fashion photography.
Dazed Delusions – conceptual and unique fashion photography.
Gabriel Isak, Untitled, 2016
Image from an untitled series shot in 2016.

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